Magnus Agnar Magnusson, Arnor Gudjohnsen and Bjarki Gunnlaugsson founded together a football agency in Iceland in 2011.

Both Magnus Agnar and Arnor had been licensed football agents for over 10 years and all, beside Magnus, had a successful professional football career in Europe (England, Belgium, France, Germany and Scandinavia). Since 2016 Arnor has left the office and is now working in different sector.  Bjarki is running the Icelandic office while Magnus is running the Scandinavian office from Copenhagen.

Already Total Football is representing over 30 established Icelandic players who are playing in Europe.

Magnus Agnar Magnusson
Mobile: +45 27645395 / +354 8698539

Bjarki Gunnlaugsson
Mobile: +354 8637776